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Center for Research on Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate Change 

Unique and innovative center that brings together experts in science, diffusion and innovation to produce sustainable research and solutions that minimize climate change and biodiversity loss.

The unprecedented loss of biodiversity and the imminent threats of climate and environmental change are among the most important current challenges facing humanity.

Biodiversity continues to decline around the world, mainly in response to urban and agricultural expansion into natural areas.

The mission to establish a
research observatory on tropical biodiversity and climate change is a step towards promoting innovation in sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impacts on biodiversity and human well-being.

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Our compromise

Research and innovation

Produce science-based sustainable research and solutions, observing local and global impacts.

Integrate and communicate

Create partnerships, collaborations and promote public communication of science so that scientific discovery reaches the private sector, industry and public agencies responsible for agriculture and environmental management.

Generate social impact

The Center's activities are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly 15 – Life on land; 13 – Climate Action; 4 – Quality Education and 5 – Gender Equality.






Partner institutions

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