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Relying on the extensive international experience of Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in knowledge dissemination, CBioClima invests in the connection between universities, companies, industries, society and government with the aim of reversing the trends that lead to climate threats and profound social changes.


The dissemination proposal is organized into three important components: education, social inclusion and dissemination of knowledge.


Continuous investment in human resources training at all levels, from undergraduate to postgraduate, including an ongoing international mentoring program.

Social Reach:

The Center's offering of sustainable solutions is based on science and linked to local social needs, through citizen science and action research. The actions include work with traditional and indigenous communities and aim to propose effective ways to restore and conserve biodiversity in a climate change scenario.

Dissemination of knowledge:

University extension work, press releases, scientific dissemination through online and interactive materials, partnerships with scientific journalists and the dissemination of content and reports on the main digital social platforms.

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