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CBioClima's innovation initiatives are directly related to the development of sustainable solutions based on science and the scope of experiences shared at the Unesp Innovation Agency .


Sustainable solutions

Offering sustainable solutions is one of CBioClima's main objectives. The Center proposes a paradigm of integration between nature conservation and forms of land use, connecting social actors linked to different dimensions of interest:

Knowledge specialties
Biodiversity, Climate Change, Economy, Agriculture, Education

Areas of social enterprises
Agribusiness, Digital Media, Holdings, Tourism, Small Businesses

Public policy promotion fields
Municipalities, States, Countries

With the integration of conservation practices in the production chain, the aim is to gain biodiversity or mitigate its loss, in addition to improving environmental quality in areas occupied by human beings, making businesses more sustainable.


Innovation at Unesp

Furthermore, the Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) offers, through the Unesp Innovation Agency, an important infrastructure for transferring technology from the university to the most diverse business and social sectors.

The scientific knowledge generated by CBioClima contributes mainly with regard to topics such as bioeconomy, circular economy and sustainable solutions for the conservation and management of biodiversity within local communities, especially in the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado.

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