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CBioClima's visual identity is inspired by its six areas of activity

The visual identity of the Biodiversity and Climate Change Research Center (CBioClima) was developed to reflect the breadth and integration of its six areas of activity, which are organized into four thematic groups, in addition to innovation and dissemination.

Gabriela Andrietta

Visual identity authorship: Anderson Rodrigues de Oliveira

CBioClima's mission is to establish a research observatory on tropical biodiversity and climate change to promote innovation in sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impacts, benefiting biodiversity and human well-being. In this way, the brand is the visual representation of the comprehensive and holistic approach to this topic of global interest.

The brand of the Biodiversity and Climate Change Research Center refers to the six areas of activity that make up the Center. In an integrated way, the areas circulate around a center to represent the study focused on climate disturbance and increasing loss of biodiversity.

CBioClima combines cutting-edge research with international collaboration and a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach in all its areas. The Research Center's actions are organized into four working groups. To represent the Center's various areas of activity, the following associated brands were created:

With its visual identity, CBioClima reinforces its commitment to research and dissemination of knowledge about biodiversity and climate change, highlighting the importance of an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to facing environmental challenges.

For more information, access the Brand Usage Manual.

Manual de uso da marca CBioClima
Download PDF • 1.83MB

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